New Geo-mix stud earrings!

New Geo-mix stud earrings!
The geo-mix studs are currently a limited collection of plum and grey, there are just 6 sets each in platinum or gold. These colours are a nod to the upcoming autumn season, ensuring you’ll enjoy these accessories as you begin to cosy up in your Autumnal wardrobe.
The new Geo-mix Studs are  in convenient sets of four with the idea that you can empower your unique style!
With Geo-mix studs, you are the artist, free to choose how to adorn yourself based on your mood and inspiration.

On some days, you might opt for understated elegance, embracing the small studs. On others, you could boldly express yourself by pairing a statement stud on one ear and a smaller one on the other. If you have multiple piercings, the possibilities are endless as you mix and match these studs to create your very own masterpiece. It’s all about the choices that make accessorising fun.

 Geo-mix studs are wearable art in their own right!

Geo-mix stud sets are priced at just £40 for a set of four.

A great opportunity to elevate your style with Geo-mix studs, they will be live on the website from 6pm, Friday 25th August 2023.


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