Meet Ruby Anne


Hello, I’m Ruby, and I’m based in Swansea. My creative journey is all about getting hands-on with porcelain, transforming it into unique, colourful jewels. Each piece of coloured porcelain is a canvas for my creativity, and sometimes I layer colours to craft unique treasures you can find in my limited edition collections (keep an eye on the Collections section of the website).

My artistic process involves several stages: I fire, refine, glaze, and fire again, adding exquisite gold or platinum detailing to the surface. These details are meticulously sealed onto the glaze in the kiln, ensuring they shine beautifully.

I enjoy working in small batches and creating limited collections to keep my work fresh and ever-evolving. Inspiration for my creations stems from the ever-changing beauty of the Gower coastline, where colours, light, and reflections dance, the breathtaking views of the Brecon Beacons, and the shapes, colours, and forms of the flora and fauna around my garden studio, evolving with each passing season. These constant sources of inspiration fuel my imagination and strongly influence the design and development of my work. I like to think of my creations as wearable art, designed to brighten your everyday moments.