Hex Horizon Necklace, Purple & Gold


  • High fired, durable porcelain
  • 22k gold surface
  • 14k Gold Filled chain
  • Eco friendly Ruby Anne Jewellery presentation/gift box
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Hand dyed porcelain in deep purple. The hexagon shape has a gold dip, reminiscent of the horizon line when looking out to sea. The hexagon measures 18mm and it comes on a choice of 16 or 18 inch 14k gold filled chain.

What Are Gold Filled Chains?  We choose to use high quality 14k gold filled chains because they stand the test of time. Two or three thick layers of gold are bonded with heat to cover the base metal inside. Our gold filled chains have a stamp “1/20 14K GF”, this means that it is gold filled, with an outer layer that is 14 karats, and its gold content accounts for 1/20 of the weight of the chain. The gold content is 100% more than a gold plated brass chain making it much more valuable, and more durable. The great thing about gold filled is that it won’t tarnish, it will always stay gold, and it won’t discolour your skin. The higher content of gold and the process of bonding thick layers with heat means It will look and behave the same as solid gold but at a more affordable price.

Additional information

Chain length

16 inch, 18 inch


Purple & Gold